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Fleet Challenge

Fleet Challenge works with governments, private business, and private and public sector fleets.  

We design pilot projects that showcase sustainable fleet technologies, and build coalitions to accelerate market acceptance.  We help governments to design and assist organizations to deliver sustainable transportation programs.

We create forums and workshops that keep fleet managers on the cutting edge of green transportation trends, technology developments and green fleet initiatives.  We complete research projects.  We build green fleet communities and recognize green fleet leadership in Canada.

We participate in industry events as presenters and contributors. We are engaged as experts for outside projects. We collaborate with organizations to plan and implement their workshops.  As experts in this field we receive communications from around the world and are always responsive and open to share our experience and knowledge.

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Roger Smith

Executive Director,
Fleet Challenge

Melissa Felder

Program Development, 
Fleet Challenge

Chris Hill

Fleet Challenge welcomes Chris Hill to our team

John Lyon

Sr. Consultant, 
Fleet Challenge