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Fleet Challenge Consulting Group Inc. (FCCGi) delivers for-fee projects, fleet reviews and analysis, research, and special assignments. Clients include governments, private and public sector fleets. FCCGi was incorporated in 2007.


2010-11 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

FCCGi completed an E3 Fleet Review of the CBC fleet in 2010. FCCGI continues to work closely with CBC management developing their national green fleet strategy. Automotive Resources International (ARI) is a project supporter.

2009 Tim Hortons Inc., TDL Group 

FCCGi completed a fleet analysis in August 2009 delivering a final report with recommendations for TDL Group to achieve and manage cost and emissions reduction objectives.

2007 Ontario GoGreen Plan

The GoGreen Plan was developed for Ontario Shared Services in January 2007. The program objective was to develop an awareness campaign that would inspire Ontario Public Service drivers and employees to reduce their transportation footprint by making informed choices about:

     type of transportation to reach a destination

     right sizing personal and fleet vehicles

     idling reduction, driver habits, and responsible vehicle maintenance


2008 FCCGi Green Commercial Vehicle Project

In 2008 FCCGi was contracted by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to undertake and develop a design framework for a ‘green commercial vehicle technology pilot program’ for deployment in Ontario. This four-year $15M pilot program was developed to create incentive for the use of greener technologies within the commercial sector.

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