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Jim Tucker discovered that his fleet is one of the greenest of all the municipalities.


Numbers Don't Lie, by Jack Kazmierski,, March, 2010

The most tedious part of any fleet professional’s job is number crunching and budgeting... but it’s time well spent. A thorough fleet review can arm a fleet professional with the information needed in order to determine where money is being saved or spent, what changes need to be made, and how best to use available assets. Jim Tucker, the coordinator of asset management for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, recently completed an E3 Fleet Review with Fleet Challenge, and discovered that his fleet is one of the greenest of all the municipalities. The review also pointed to areas where Tucker’s fleet could be doing better. “They told us which vehicles we should replace over the next couple of years, and we will be using their recommendations from now on as our template,” Tucker says. “This will help us reduce our costs as well as our greenhouse gas emissions.”

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