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Feb 10, 2011

Fleet Challenge joins the Clinton Global Initiative 'Fleets For Change' in association with the U.S. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Donlen.

Feb 8, 2011 - U.S. DOT Releases NHTSA Study Results On Toyota Acceleration Problems

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NAFA's Sustainable Fleet Awards

taking the steps for a global initiative

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Got a burning question about: green fleet management? emissions reductions? best management practices?  Ask An Expert

Green Fleet Expo VI, presented by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation in partnership with the City of Toronto, Fleet Services Division; the City of Hamilton, Public Works Department and Fleet Challenge is open for registrations! 

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advancing innovative technologies

Feb. 2011 - The Ontario Fleet Review Program continues to prove valuable to Ontario municipalities with ten more joining the program in 2011; this brings the total to 40 Ontario municipal fleet reviews since 2008. Without exception, all feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive

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Feb. 2011 - The final phase of testing of the HIRS™, as part of the PEMS Project, is in progress. HIRS™ results have met project expectations from the outset. FC looks forward to initiating publication of this exciting groundbreaking technology that is creating jobs in Ontario, via a series of press releases beginning February 2011.

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Feb. 2011 - Fleetwise EV300 Program  Fleet Challenge is working with the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to develop cutting-edge climate solutions.

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