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Fleet Challenge is working with the Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) to develop cutting-edge climate solutions.

Fleetwise is a project of the Toronto Atmospheric Fund designed to help public and private fleets reduce climate and air polluting emissions.  The Toronto Atmospheric Fund is a leader in developing cutting-edge climate solutions. 

The FleetWise EV300 program works with public and private fleets to transition the integration of electric vehicles through information sharing, performance monitoring and vehicle purchasing assistance.  We take some of the risk out of acquiring leading-edge technology.

The FleetWise EV300 team has been developing tools and services for fleets interested in integrating electric vehicles.

Partnerships With OEMs.

FleetWise EV300 staff have been working actively with leading manufacturers of EVs to guarantee availability of their products to EV300 Fleet Partners. Within the next month, we will be publicly announcing partnerships with two major OEMs to bring low-carbon EVs into GTA fleets.

Vehicle Selector Tool.

We are working closely with CrossChasm Technologies to develop an easy-to-use tool that will forecast how an EV will perform with the same job function, route and driver as your current vehicle.

Comprehensive ROI Calculator.

In consultation with OEMs and our Fleet Partners, we have completed a Return on Investment (ROI) tool that compares the total cost of ownership of an EV with a baseline vehicle of your choice. The output of the ROI tool will help you with the business case to support your investment in EVs as well as select the right make and model for your operation.

PHEV/EV Driver Training Module.

FleetWise EV300 has secured funding from Natural Resources Canada to develop and deliver a driver training module that will help our Fleet Partners to ensure the maximum performance of their plug-in hybrid and/or electric vehicles. This training module will be an add-on to the EcoDriver training materials currently offered by NRCan and its partners and will be ready by early next year for our Fleet Partners.

Monitoring & Verification Support.

FleetWise EV300 is very pleased to be working with Capgemini, one of the world's foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. With Capgemini's guidance, all the cars in this project will be monitored for driver behaviour, charging infrastructure requirements, and performance under winter and summer driving conditions, so we can adequately prepare for the day when there are thousands of electric vehicles on Toronto's roads.

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