Alicia Milner


Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance



April 2011

Manager of Fleet & Equipment

We are considering changing our fleet of garbage packer to CNG powered vehicles. One of the major obstacles to making this change is the capital cost for the pumping station (compressor). Are there any provincal or federal grants we could apply for to help offset the capital cost?



April 2011 

Alicia Milner, President Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance,

At present, there are no government grants available in Canada to help offset the cost of installing a natural gas refuelling station for vehicles. There are, however, companies that provide turn-key stations for the right scale of fleet that include equipment, installation and design, financing, and, if of interest, station maintenance and 24/7 monitoring. Natural gas utilities also may have access to programs that can help customers transition to using natural gas use in their fleet.

Waste Management in British Columbia was recently able to take advantage of a program offered by local gas distribution company. FortisBC. There was funding available to pay for the incremental cost of 20 CNG packers and FortisBC provided the capital for the private refuelling station. For additional information on this recent project Click Here

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